Mediumplex Daylight Photography Studio is a full-service daylight photo studio in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The stunning direct light provided by southwest exposure, paired with red pine floors, white painted brick, and the bustling Bushwick/Williamsburg neighborhood provides the perfect environment for creative productions.The lofty studio vibes are great for easy set building and the classic New York photo studio experience. The photo studio also has blackout curtains for profoto strobes, Kino Flo, HMI, LED lights, or shaping of natural light.

The studio is a modest 1500 sq ft, but we think big picture (pun intended). The studio was built by a working photographer who is "very particular" about things, so the studio has been meticulously assembled with love. We have considered the comfort of the client, model, and photographer. Since opening the Mediumplex, we have rewired the entire studio so there are no power outages while shooting, we have invested in truly exceptional furnishings that can be used as the set, and added creature comforts at every turn: all in an effort to create an ideal photoshoot environment